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Session 6 - Ocean Margin Educational Networks:
European Deep Ocean Margins (EURODOM) provides a major framework in Europe for training young researchers in a fascinating field, at the interface of Earth and Life Sciences, and at the crossroads between Academia and Industry. This is also at the frontier of preserving ocean margin habitats and the safe exploration for potential new energy resources in deep-ocean margins. It offers significant space for training at sea. On land it offers some of the best data processing and analytical facilities in Europe. This network is open for advanced training and educational opportunities for pre- and post-doctoral researchers to meet the linkage between Marine Geosciences, Environment, and the hydrocarbon industry as far as they relate to deep-ocean margins. The conference provides a forum to increase educational network activities across the Atlantic and countries interested in the implementation of an Educational Cyberlink Network that reaches out to our young generation interested and involved in ocean sciences. Ocean Margin Educational Networks and their potential for hundreds of young scientists has been demonstrated successfully through the IOC-UNESCO (TTR) Training Through Research Program, which has introduced education at sea as one of the research concepts in Europe.


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