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Session 5 - Ocean Margin Long-term Observatories:
Ocean margins link deep-sea environments and shelf settings. They mediate between both and are characterised by a process driven seasonality. It is mandatory for understanding the margin controlling processes to observe a wide range of parameters over extended time spans. Bottom water temperature is most important for gas hydrate stability, coral reef growth, and the chemical processes involved in carbonate mound formation. Water salinity and nutrient content are necessary input for coral reef studies. Seismicity is important for slope stability. Current knowledge is primarily based on snap shot observations that in many cases do not allow understanding the controlling processes in detail. Observation of these parameters requires long-term observatories. Due to the variable water depth of ocean margins from a few hundred to a couple of thousand metres, many technological challenges need to be addressed such as real time data transfer, and protection of the instruments against fishing activities. The conference is to combine experiences that are made in various projects, and result in a set of recommendations for the development of future multi-sensor, long-term observatories. This will be a significant advantage for future research programs.


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