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Session 4 - Ocean Margin Acoustic Imaging:
At a range of resolutions is essential to understand the architecture of sedimentary units beneath the seabed, and to study the migration of fluids between the geosphere and the ocean. This involves imaging of the seabed, sub-seabed and fluid migration pathways. We recognise a substantial gap in techniques and practices between industry and academia in acoustic imaging. To obtain state-of-the-art images it is necessary to use the most-suitable available techniques and equipment. A working group within this conference is the best way of ensuring that the community is fully aware of the equipment available and of the latest thinking regarding interpretation of the data with a view to improving models of margin development. Such a working group would be attended by both academia and industry, thus fostering further links between the different approaches to geoscience in Europe. An example for the use of modern acoustic imaging technology is the EuroSTRATAFORM project which will provide a stratigraphic framework for the Atlantic European glaciated and Mediterranean European nonglaciated margin as well as a model for its development. The quality of this framework depends strongly on the availability of modern acoustic imaging techniques. The conference will highlight the importance of state-of-the-art methods for understanding of Ocean Margin processes. It emphasizes the requirement for improved groundtruthing to control the interpretations made, and it is forming a basis for the development of further drilling proposals on Ocean Margins.


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