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Abstract deadline: July 15th 2003!


Session 3 - Ocean Margin Shaping:
The morphology of Ocean margins has many variations depending on climate and active sedimentary processes and attributes involved. Most of the events that shape the margin surface leave a record of their impacts in recent and past sediment sequences. However, as stated in the US Margin science plan " Despite decades intensely studying sedimentary systems, it remains unclear exactly how the stratigraphic record is constructed or, how to decipher the record so we can isolate the various climatic, tectonic, and eustatic processes that interacted to form it." From around world's margins more and more 3D- seismic data are becoming available to academia through industry, while coring systems to obtain pristine cores from extreme environments have been developed. Moreover, recently the stratigraphic community has developed a first generation of quantitative models for the formation of stratigraphic patterns on margins and the filling of basins, including the destabilization of the seafloor and large scale slumping. Seafloor instabilities and their role in continental margin evolution are one of the central processes to understand margin construction and distructions. Can we test such models with 3D seismic data? There is a large gap between industry and academia in high-resolution seismic and sea floor imaging techniques. This gap in knowledge needs be closed to facilitate fore-front research, and to secure a continued high level of education for the present and future. This conference can contribute to close this gap to a significant degree.


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