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Session 1 - Ocean Margin Emissions
Although there is a wide range of evidence indicating that fluid flow is a significant process within ocean margins, the flow and gas emission at the seabed system that operate within them is not understood, even at the most fundamental level. For example numerous seeps have been observed, with their associated biological communities, and it has been estimated that, globally, 100 million cubic metres of water flow through continental margins each year. Fluid flow is potentially an important influence on the local distribution of benthic biota on continental margins and on biota in the sediments beneath them. It also plays an important part in the diagenesis of the sedimentary rocks deposited on continental margins and in the migration of gas and the development of gas hydrates within them. Currently, there are very few measurements of fluid flow through the sea bed of continental margins, although these can be made by subseabed piezometers, from observation of non-linear geothermal gradients, and by using seep meters and osmotic-pumps. The wealth of seismic reflection data that exists for some continental margins provides a framework for modelling fluid flow and gas emissions through the margins, when combined with measurements of flow. We need to understand flow systems at a range of scales from that operating through the whole margin to those acting through a single seep. The purpose of the conference is to bring together a wide range of expertise and information to stimulate a program of research that would reveal, describe and quantify the ocean margin gas and fluid flow emissions in the context of global change. Participants in the working group will include scientists who have observational evidence for fluid seeps, engineers developing instruments for measuring fluid flow into and out of the sea bed, fluid-flow modellers, those with interests in sedimentary architecture of continental margins, and those concerned with the migration and escape of hydrocarbons.



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