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  OMARC cluster research projects:
ACES Co-ordinator: Prof. Andre Freiwald
Inst. for Geol.& Pal., University of Tübingen

COSTA Co-ordinator: Prof. Jürgen Mienert
Dept. of Geology, University of Tromsø
DEEPBUG Co-ordinator: Prof. John Parkes
Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
ECOMOUND Co-ordinator: Prof. Christian Dullo
GEOMAR Research Center
EURODELTA Co-ordinator: Dr. Fabio Trincardi
Istituto di Geologia Marina, CNR
EURODOM Co-ordinator: Prof. Miquel Canals
Facultat de Geologia, University of Barcelona
EUROSTRATAFORM Co-ordinator: Prof. Phil Weaver
Southampton Oceanography Centre
GEOMOUND Co-ordinator: Prof. Jean Pierre Henriet
Renard Centre of Marine Geol.., University of Gent
HYDRATECH Co-ordinator: Prof. Graham Westbrook
School of Earth Sciences, University of Birmingham
PROMESS Co-ordinator: Dr. Serge Berne
STRATAGEM Co-ordinator: Dr. Dan Evans
British Geological Survey
METROL Co-ordinator: Dr. Christian Borowski
Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology
Other projects:


The understanding of the processes that have shaped the passive continental margin system will require broadly based inter-disciplinary studies, yet no one country within Europe currently has access to all the human resources and large-scale facilities that will be needed to pursue this objective. The new EUROCORES programme, EUROMARGINS, will provide the framework for promoting innovative studies that are focused on the imaging, monitoring, reconstruction and modelling of the physical and chemical processes that occur in the passive margin system. In particular, EUROMARGINS will seek to encourage the development of both new technologies and conceptual models for passive margin evolution with the expressed aim of advancing, in a major way, integrated research into the mechanisms that are responsible for continental break-up and the formation of the world’s ocean basins and their margins. The pooling of human resources, the training of a new generation of geoscientists, and the optimal sharing of national observational platforms (e.g. ships), analytical and modelling facilities as well as the development of new linkages that break down traditional discipline boundaries are considered important "value-added" ingredients of the EUROMARGINS programme.


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Prof. Miquel Canals
Prof. Christian Dullo
Dr. Dan Evans
Prof. André Freiwald

Prof. Jean Pierre Henriet
Dr. Bo B. Joergensen
Dr. Jean Klerkx
Dr. Gilles Lericolais
Dr. Gilles Ollier
Prof. John Parkes
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Dr. Fabio Trincardi
Dr. Tjeerd van Weering
Prof. Phil Weaver
Prof. Graham Westbrook

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