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Abstract deadline: July 15th 2003!



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To avoid queues, the OrgCom encourages participants to register on Sunday between 1500 and 1800, but it will also be possible to register on Monday from 0800 to 1000.
The registration will take place in the reception area of CAP 15.
For payment of registration fee, please have your credit card ready (except participants who have paid by invoice)

Setup at poster panels and booths:
Time for setup will be announced later. To find the right place referring to number given for your poster, see the list of posters

Participants can choose between nearby restaurants. The OrgCom is working on the possibility of catering, this will be announced later.

"Icebreaker" cocktail party:
NOTE: this has been moved from Sunday in the Registration form, to Monday 1800.

LIST OF POSTERS (updated 02.09.03)

1500-1800 REGISTRATION, CAP 15 reception area (also Monday 0800-1000)
  Morning Session Chair Juergen Mienert
0900 Welcome by the European Commission (Christian Patermann, Director DGXII, Brussels, Belgium)
0910 Welcome by the UNESCO: IOC Strategy In Ocean Science And Ocean Margin Research
(Patricio A. Bernal, Assistant Director General of UNESCO, Paris, France)
0920 Ocean Margin Deep-Water Research (Andre Freiwald, University of Erlangen, Germany)
0940 Architectural Elements of Continental Margins: Consequences for Fluid Flow
(Casey Moore, University of Santa Cruz, USA)
1000 Ocean Margin Emissions: Is There A Risk Of Surprise? (Euan Nisbet, University of London, United Kingdom)
1020 Coffee break & Poster session 1 - Emissions
1120 Microbial Processes Shaping Ocean Margin Ecosystems (Antje Boetius, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany)
1140 3D Seismic Imaging Of The Seafloor: Global Examples And Geologic Applications
(Brad Prather, Shell International E&P, Inc.)
1200 The Impact Of Short Term Supply Fluctuations On Margin Shaping Over The Last 20.000 years
(Fabio Trincardi, CNRS Bologna, Italy)
1220 PROMESS: Investigating Global Changes, Climate Variability and Sedimentary Events During The Last 500 kyr In The Med. Sea
(Serge Berne, IFREMER, France, F. Trincardi & the PROMESS 1 group)

The NEPTUNE Regional Cabled Ocean Observatory: Interactive Networks of Remotely Operated Submarine Laboratories (John Delaney, University of Washington, USA)

1300 Lunch (1300-1400)
  Afternoon Session Ocean Margin Emissions - Chair Graham Westbrook
1400 The Beauty Of Fluid Expulsion Features On The Norwegian Margin (Martin Hovland, Statoil, Norway)
1420 Transient Fluid Flow Processes In Margin Settings: Earthquakes And Pulsing In The Costa Rican Subduction Zone
(Kevin Brown, SCRIPPS Inst., USA)
1440 Cold Seeps and Active Faults (Pierre Henry, Ecole Normale Superieure, France)
1500 Flows and Seepages Of Deep Fluids On Ocean Margins: Origin, Volume, Significance (Boris Valyaev, Oil and Gas Research Institute, Russia)
1520 Coffee break & Poster session 2 - Ecosystems
  Ocean Margin Shaping - Chair Serge Berne
1620 Seascape Evolution On Clastic Continental Shelves and Slopes (Lincoln Pratson, Duke University, USA)
1640 Shaping The Glaciated European Margin (Martyn Stoker, British Geological Survey, United Kingdom)
1700 Process-Response Modelling Of Ocean Margin Stratigraphy: Constraints From The Geological Record
(Gert Jan Weltje, Delft University, The Netherlands)
1720 Ocean Margin's Giant Slope Failures Driven by Ice Ages - A View From Industry And Academia
(Petter Bryn, Norsk Hydro, Norway)
1800-2100 Ocean Margin "Icebreaker" Coctail party (at CAP 15, Blue Bay Pacific & Blue Bay Beach)
  Morning Session Ocean Margin Emissions - Chair Casey Moore
0900 Methane Hydrate in Europe's Continental Margins (Graham Westbrook, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)
0920 Mudvolcanoes And Related Gas Hydrates In Anaximander Submarine Mountains (Vasilios Lykousis, NCMR, Greece)
0940 Gas Expulsions from the Continental Margins: The Case Of The Galician Rias (Soledad Garcia-Gil, University of Vigo, Spain)
1000 Underwater Research Of Methane Bubble Streams From Black Sea Gas Seeps: Intensity And Interaction With Water Environments
(Maxim Gulin, National Academy of Science, Ukraine)
1020 Coffee break & Poster Session 3 - Shaping
  Ocean Margin Ecosystems - Chair Antje Boetius
1120 A Deep Bacterial Biopshere In Subseafloor Sediments (John Parkes, University of Bristol, United Kingdom)
1140 Biogeochemistry Of Subsurface Methane Oxidation (Bo Jørgensen, Max Planck Institute, Germany)
1200 Cold Seep Communities On Continental Margins (Myriam Sibuet, IFREMER, France)
1220 Biodiversity In Ocean Margin Ecosystems (Tammy Horton, Southampton Oceanography Centre, United Kingdom )
1240 Carbonate Mounds: Unique And Complex Ocean Margin Ecosystems (Jean-Pierre Henriet, University of Ghent, Belgium)
1300 Lunch (1300-1400)
  Afternoon Session Ocean Margins Future - Chair Gilles Ollier
1400 Europe's deep-water coral margins - myths and facts (André Freiwald, University of Erlangen, Germany)
1420 ACES: Engaging Stakeholders: The Conservation Of Deep-Water Corals (Anthony Grehan, NUI, Ireland)
1440 The US Ocean Margin Programme (Bilal Haq, National Science Foundation, Washington DC, USA)
1500 The EU Ocean Margin Programme (Pierre Mathy, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium)
1520 Coffee break & Poster session 4 - Imaging
1600 FORUM OCEAN MARGINS: Aspects, Prospects, Impacts
Visions for the future - a round table discussion
  Long-Term Observatories - Chair Christian Dullo
1720 European Seafloor Observatory Networks (Monty Priede, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
1740 Future Developments in Long Term Observatories (Laurenz Thomsen, International University Bremen, Germany)
1800 A Next Seafloor Long -Term Observatory Network: Orion-Geostar 3 (Paolo Favali, INGV, Italy)
1820 Long-Term Deep-Sea Observatories Based on Lander technology (Olaf Pfannkuche, GEOMAR, Germany)
1840 ASSEM: A new concept of observatories for long term seabed monitoring (Roland Person, IFREMER, France)
1900 End of session
  Morning Session Ocean Margin Imaging - Chair Miquel Canals
0900 Imaging The Ocean Margin - The View From An Oil Company (Jonathan Trueman, BP, United Kingdom)
0920 3-D academic seismic: toward a quantitative approach (Bruno Marsset, IFREMER, France)
0940 3-D Industry Seismic Reveal New Information of the Barents Sea Margin (Karin Andreassen, University of Tromsø, Norway)
1000 Imaging the Gulf of Cadiz - Gibraltar active margin: Implications for the source of the Great Lisbon earthquake of 1755 (Marc-Andre Gutscher, University of Brest, France)
1020 Coffee break & Poster Session 5 - Observatories
1120 Moving From HR to VHR 3-D Seismic Imaging- Relevance for Shallow Water Ocean Margin Research (Tine Missiaen, University of Ghent, Belgium)
1140 High Resolution Imaging Of The Seafloor - Linking Geology and Biology Through Acoustics (Terje Thorsnes, Geological Survey, Norway)
1200 Lunch (1200 - 1300)
  Afternoon Session Educational Networks & Ocean Margin Initiatives - Chair Jean-Pierre Henriet
1300 Ocean Margins, Cold Seeps, The Census Of Marine Life And The World Wide University Network (Chris German, Southampton Oceanography Centre, United Kingdom)
1320 Training Through Research (TTR) On The European Ocean Margins (Michael Ivanov, Moscow State University, Russia)
1340 Characteristics Of The Gas-Charged Sediments In The NW-Black Sea (Irina Popescu, University of Gent, Belgium)
1400 TTR- Geochemical Investigations Of Mud Volcanoes Of the Alboran Basin (Elena Poludetkina, Moscow State University, Russia)
1420 Monitoring Ocean Margin Weakness (Achim Kopf, University of Bremen, Germany)
1440 Wellbore stabilization in weak sand formation during drilling to reach gas hydrates formations (Véronique Barlet-Gouédard, Schlumberger, France)
1500 The European Deep Ocean Margin Training Network (EURODOM) (Miquel Canals, University of Barcelona, Spain)
1520 European Science Foundation (ESF) EUROMARGIN PROGRAM (Svenje Mehlert, ESF, France)
1540 Joint European Ocean Drilling Initiative - European Consortium for Ocean Drilling (Catherine Mével, IPG Paris, France)
1600 Concluding remarks and closure (J.F. Minster, President IFREMER, France)
  END Ocean Margin Research Conference

Conference secretary:
Kai Rune Mortensen
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Organizing committee:  
Prof. Jürgen Mienert (Chairman)
Dr. Serge Berne
Prof. Miquel Canals
Prof. Christian Dullo
Dr. Dan Evans
Prof. André Freiwald

Prof. Jean Pierre Henriet
Dr. Bo B. Joergensen
Dr. Jean Klerkx
Dr. Gilles Lericolais
Dr. Gilles Ollier
Prof. John Parkes
Dr. Constantine Perissoratis

Prof. Monti Priede
Dr. Alexei Suzyumov
Dr. Fabio Trincardi
Dr. Tjeerd van Weering
Prof. Phil Weaver
Prof. Graham Westbrook

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