Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
Division of Earth Sciences, UNESCO


Abstract deadline: July 15th 2003!


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  Aims: The Ocean Margin Conference is aimed to increase our knowledge about the functioning of ocean margin systems. It will also promote the wise use of the seafloor and sub seafloor of the Earth's ocean margin system as a source of natural marine resources.

The conference addresses topics that are of fundamental interest to most if not all ocean margin research communities around the globe. It is therefore the goal of the Ocean Margin Research Consortium (OMARC) to bring together scientists in an European Commission and UNESCO sponsored conference, which provides one of the best forums to present, to discuss and enhance our knowledge about ocean margin systems, and to create more public awareness. This is to be achieved through six major sessions and themes, click for more info:

Session 1 - Ocean Margin Emissions
Session 2 - Ocean Margin Ecosystems
Session 3 - Ocean Margin Shaping

Session 4 - Ocean Margin Acoustic Imaging

Session 5 - Ocean Margin Long Term Observatories

Session 6 - Ocean Margin Educational Networks


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Conference secretary:
Kai Rune Mortensen
Phone: +47 776 44428
Fax: +47 776 45600

Organizing committee:  
Prof. Jürgen Mienert (Chairman)
Dr. Serge Berne
Prof. Miquel Canals
Prof. Christian Dullo
Dr. Dan Evans
Prof. André Freiwald

Prof. Jean Pierre Henriet
Dr. Bo B. Joergensen
Dr. Jean Klerkx
Dr. Gilles Lericolais
Dr. Gilles Ollier
Prof. John Parkes
Dr. Constantine Perissoratis

Prof. Monti Priede
Dr. Alexei Suzyumov
Dr. Fabio Trincardi
Dr. Tjeerd van Weering
Prof. Phil Weaver
Prof. Graham Westbrook

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