Amatørgeologiske foreninger i Norden Rock & Mineral Societies in Scandinavia
Amethyst Galleries Mineral Gallery
Athena mineral database
The Australian Mineral Collector
Bergen og omeng geologiforening
Bjørn´s Mineral Web
Bobs Rock Shop
Browse Minerals Minerals in thin sections
Crystallography wold wide
Driva Rockhshop
The Electric Lapidary Gem and jewelery wold
Gemology and Lapidary Pages
Gems and precious stones
Hardness of a Mineral Mohs hardness scale
Igneous images Thin sections
Gold Prospecting
The Image
Ken´s Fluorescent Minerals
Labratorie de Mineralogie-Cristallographie Paris, France
Links for Mineralogists
MARFTS`s mineral images
Mineral Collectors Page Mineralogy Club of Antwerpen, Belgium
Mineralogy Database
Mineral Formula database
Mineral Gallery Ametyst Galleries. Inc.
Mineral Gallery
Mineralogical Society of America
Mineral Speciments from the Collection of Albert M. Hines photos
Mineral Structures
Minerals under the Microscope
The Norwegian Rock & Mineral Guide Norges Amatørgeologiske sammensluttning
Norwegian Rockhound Minerals found in Norway and links
Practical Aspects of Thermobarometry
Raunholm Turmalin DA
Rock and Mineral Associations of Canada
Steve Smale´s Minerla Collection photos
The Swedish Federation of Amateur Geologists SARF


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