The project will be managed by the University of Tromsø, which has the competence and facilities to expand its existing P-Cable infrastructure to a full system. Prof. Jürgen Mienert will be the project coordinator. The acquisition of the infrastructure will be administrated by Assoc. Prof. Stefan Bünz and the marine science engineers at the Department of Geology at Tromsø and Bergen. P-Cable Seismic AS, Oslo, maintains all the contacts to the manufacturing industry and will advise on the purchasing process and the minor developmental issues that are expected.

At least one test cruise is planned from the University of Tromsø using R/V "Jan Mayen" involving all partners of the consortium. A second test cruise using one of University of Bergen's research vessels is envisioned.

Modifications of the software tools are expected in relation to the new positioning information of the streamers. This stage will be overseen by Assoc. Prof. Stefan Bünz in collaboration with the partner from the Norwegian Geological Survey.

The University of Tromsø will host the infrastructure. However, since this is a mobile infrastructure, it can also be temporarily housed at the University of Bergen or P-Cable Seismic AS storage spaces in Oslo.

The operation of the infrastructure will be governed by the consortium, which will continue to exist through already established agreements for collaboration. The consortium will devise an operational plan with respect to the available ship time on Norwegian research vessels and for industrial surveys, thereby trying to maximize the use of the infrastructure during its entire lifetime. Normal weather and sea state conditions in Norwegian waters will allow us to use the new infrastructure during the period from late spring to early autumn. Beyond that period we envision to acquire data in international waters within international projects, e.g. the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea or within IODP projects. The operational costs, maintenance and upgrades for the new infrastructure will be covered by funds raised in other research or industrial projects that intend to acquire highresolution 3D seismic data. Additional personnel running costs will be covered by the institutes.

The Departments of Geology at the University of Tromsø and Bergen are already at the forefront of 3D seismic data analysis, including its high focus on educating students in this field. We envision not only to continue but also to enhance that role in student education for the future.