The main owner of the P-Cable seismic system will be the University of Tromsø. The 3D seismic system will be made available for Norwegian Universities, research centers and other relevant users through this G3 project.

Data collected will be transferred to the Norwegian Petrobank data storage system. Collected G3 data are to be made available to all Norwegian scientists after a period of three years. Data will be made available to both the Norwegian research community and the hydrocarbon industry for innovative research projects within all areas of application.

Equipment shall be made available to third parties for research and academic purpose as part of the G3-project. Commercial use shall also be granted in case of availability on full cost/commercial terms.

Commercial terms are based on full cost commercial rates, 10.500 Nkr/Km (2009) including development costs (see Budget and funding plan for details).

Any academic use shall be based on 10% of standard full cost commercial rates.

Any income from use of the equipment shall be paid to UiT, and used by the G3 project for maintenance and further development of this national infrastructure.

In order to get access to the infrastructure, third parties must send an application to UiT. The application must describe the purpose and technical details for the planned use. The application will be handled by the G3 Steering Committee. Steering Committee shall decide on access to the infrastructure according to the following principles:

Third parties shall have free access to raw data they are collecting for research purpose. Third parties shall be given right to publish results based on their research data.

At present, we discuss data storage with Diskos Support, and the digital infrastructure operations Manager, Atul Solanki, has already contacted NPD. We have also been offered to use the Arctic Web to present the data (Kjell-Are Vassmyr, Project Manager). The implementation of data transfer including the access regulations are envisioned to be in place between 2010 (Q2-Q4) and 2011 (Q1).

The transfer of knowledge will be through established methods of publications in relevant journals. Other transfers of information relate to meetings with interested parties from industry and the International Ocean Drilling Program and ECORD.