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European Contract No. : EVK3-CT-1999-00006 "COSTA"



Costa Canada Logo Costa Europe and Costa Canada co-operation.

The COSTA project aims to advance at the optimum achievable level the knowledge regarding slope stability along European margins from the W Mediterranean in the south to the NE Atlantic in the north. For this reason, COSTA will constitute a sound basis for future assessment and prediction of slope failure and gas hydrate presence.

A multidisciplinary project like COSTA combines expertise on slope failure from the various settings on European continental margins, from glacier-dominated margins in Polar Regions to river-dominated margins in semi-arid regions of the Mediterranean. The Pan-European collaboration will establish a critical mass of highly skilled partners involving academia (universities and research institutes), SME's and the industrial sector (see Annex 1) from northern and southern European countries. Through this partnership we will contribute significantly to sustainable management and safer use of European margins by:

  • Improving the environmental safety of exploitation of subsurface resources and cable/ pipeline laying on European continental margins.

  • Predicting geohazards (e.g. slides and their effects) that could damage coastal and offshore structures.

  • Socio-economic cohesion within the European Community, on the basis of economic activities directly and indirectly related to the use and exploitation of the seafloor.

  • Creation of new scientific relationships, and reinforcement of interdisciplinary co-operation into the frame of a multidisciplinary research project.

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